Custom Furniture

Have you ever thought about having a custom piece of furniture designed especially for your space?  In many cases, it is a daunting task, but when you work with someone who specializes in this field, your dream can become reality.  An innate sense of scale and proportion describes the basic foundation of my love for furniture design.   From creating unique vanities and consoles to custom built-ins and handcrafted furniture in Indiana, there is nothing more exciting that to see a drawing come to life in the hands of a craftsperson.  From the details in the drawings to site visit to review the fabrication, Jason Hodges is involved with every step along the way when creating a custom furniture item.  I have designed custom furniture for over 9 years with many of the local design firms.  For over two years, I helped build and grow a furniture company now based in Jasper, Indiana – Keith Fritz Fine Furniture.  This was an amazing experience working side by side with a talented crafts person to learn the ins and outs of a furniture line.  In 2005, one of my first designs was featured on the HGTV show, “I Want That”, when the Quattro Table was selected by a HGTV scout when walking through The Washington Design Center.   Whether it is a design firm or an individual, Jason Hodges provides contract work on a per project basis to create the custom furniture pieces of your dreams.  Feel free to contact Jason to learn more about this service.